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Agents Wanted
Today, we have already 3 agencies in oversea. They sell our products which bring us a win-win situation. They become one of the biggest solar distributor in local market, Hilight Solar is well known there. We have chinese workers there to realize big project and support after sales service. We need agent to develop local market and agent need our products and service to make fortune. We are strategic partner to achieve our object together. We have mutual trust and mutual support. As an agent, you will have many advantages and benefit from our service.

Solar Panel IntroductionFeature:
1. High cell efficiency with quality silicon materials for long term output stability and reliability
2. Rigorous quality control to meet highest international standards
3. High transmittance low iron tempered gloss with enhanced stiffness and impact resistance
4. Unique frame design with high mechanical strength for easy installation
5. Advanced encapsulation material with multiplayer sheet lamination to provide efficient protection from the severest environmental conditions
6. Outstanding electrical performance under high temperature and low irradiance conditions
1. Any large or small on -grid or off-grid solar power stations
2. Commercial and industrial building roof-top systems
3. Residential roof-top systems
4. Any commercial or industrial ground mount systems
5. Other industrial or commercial applications
Quality and Warranty:
1. Peak power of single module in guaranteed in +/-3% power tolerance
2. Average power of modules in single order is guaranteed not less then the peak power
3. Rigorous quality control meets the highest international standard
4. 10 years Limited warranty on materials and workmanship
5. Lifetime is 25years
Agent Requirements:
1)Be professional, with strong marketing strategies and regional sales network;
2)Have appropriate capital and good relationships with local relevant;
3)Have some experience of installation or selling of solar products



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